1. The History of Hair Replacement

    Having a full head of great looking hair styled by an excellent barber is a great way to keep looking young and build self-confidence. When the natural effects of age or genetics begins to thin out the hair, and reveal more bare scalp, it can leave many in search of solutions. Wigs and Hairpieces Th…Read More

  2. The Differences Between Barbering and Cosmetology

    Many people assume barbers and cosmetologists do similar jobs – they both just cut hair, right? Wrong. Barbering and cosmetology are like two sides of the same coin. Barbers traditionally work more with hair, beards, and mustaches. Cosmetologists focus on a wider variety of services such as hair, …Read More

  3. The Dangers of Invasive Hair Replacement Surgery

    Historically, there have been many iterations of hair replacement methods. Everything from the simple wig or toupee to medicinal treatments have been made with the goal of achieving the look of a full head of hair. One version of hair replacement that has been developed over the last century is hair…Read More

  4. Maintaining Your Tools

    As a professional barber or stylist, you need clippers, scissors, and combs to do your job, so taking care of those tools is one of the most important parts of your day. Your clippers and scissors are probably some of the most expensive items you own, and you want to make sure to take care of them a…Read More

  5. How to Increase Your Cosmetology Client List

    For aspiring cosmetologists or those who have recently graduated from a cosmetology training program, developing a list of regular clientele can be a bit of a challenge. Typically, when cosmetologists begin perfecting their craft, marketing themselves and their businesses isn’t always the primary …Read More

  6. How to Determine the Best Haircut for Your Client’s Face Shape

    When your client walks up to the chair and you start to discuss hairstyle suggestions, be sure to have their face shape in mind and to have suitable haircuts ready. The shape of a person’s face can have a surprisingly strong influence on how their haircut looks overall. There are six general face …Read More

  7. Do Topical Ointments Actually Give You a Full Head of Hair?

    When you are searching for a way to combat the effects of balding, there are many different directions you can turn. From the simple solution of wearing a wig to full-blown surgery, people will go to great lengths to have a full head of hair again. One common option is the use of topical ointments a…Read More

  8. Current Popular Hairstyles to Offer Your Clients

    As a cosmetologist, you never want to be empty-handed when it comes to styles to suggest to your clients. 2018 has seen some hair trends continue, new ones emerge, and surprising resurgences come to the surface. Here are some of the current popular styles to have in your arsenal when your next clien…Read More

  9. Barbering for Cosmetologists Workshop Weekend Overview

    After months of prep, set design, and organization, Patrick Hill’s Barbering for Cosmetologists workshop was held for the first time in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina in April. The workshop featured two days of barbering skills from Patrick Hill, master barber.\ Day 1 – Look and Learn On the first…Read More