Regardless of your age, dealing with hair loss is a stressful experience affecting many people’s self-consciousness and overall happiness. Thankfully, for those who are inclined, there are many hair replacement options available to explore.

For many years, hair transplant surgery was the first and sometimes the only option for those looking to remedy their hair loss situation. However, over time there have been developments in the availability and effectiveness of non-surgical hair replacement solutions. In fact, many non-surgical options have proven to offer significant benefits over traditional surgical remedies.
Here are six reasons why you should consider non-surgical hair replacement options over surgical solutions.

1. Helps Build Confidence

For many people, getting their confidence back is one of the main reasons they elect for hair replacement. While temporary solutions like wigs and toupees may work for some, they typically don’t have the same quality of semi-permanent fixes. Non-surgical hair replacement remedies are designed to look and feel exactly like real hair, giving you back the confidence you’re looking for.

2. Faster Recovery Time

Surgical hair replacements can take up to six hours to complete, and it can take up to a year before final results are achieved. Non-surgical options only take around two hours to complete. Since there is no need for medical treatments or post-surgery procedures, recovery time is non-existent.

3. No Side Effects

During hair replacement surgeries, there is potential for swelling and bleeding of the surgical sites. In some cases, there may be a risk of infection if proper care isn’t taken after the surgery. With non-surgical hair replacement, hair is placed on the head using special adhesives and clips. This noninvasive method has no adverse side effects and is a painless solution to hair loss.

4. Customizable and Easily Reversible

The great thing about non-surgical hair treatment is it is easily reversible and completely customizable. Regardless of your age or lifestyle, you can have a custom solution for your hair that has a natural appearance and is perfectly matched to your scalp and hair color.

5. Less Expensive Than Surgical Options

Non-surgical hair replacement is considerably less expensive than traditional surgical options. Hair transplant surgery is typically not covered by insurance companies and can cost upwards of $15,000. Compared to the cost of surgery, non-surgical replacement is much more affordable and doesn’t require costly follow-up medical procedures.

6. Guaranteed Results

Along with the long recovery times associated with hair replacement surgeries, these procedures do not always achieve the desired results. However, non-surgical hair solutions guarantee results regardless of the extent of hair loss issues. Since non-surgical solutions do not rely on donor hair or the condition of the scalp, the possibilities are endless when it comes to the volume, color, and styling of the hair.

Hair loss can be hard for many people to deal with, especially if appears at younger ages when it is least expected. Booking a non-surgical hair replacement appointment is a great way to rebuild confidence through an affordable semi-permanent solution that’s fully customizable and provides guaranteed results.