After months of prep, set design, and organization, Patrick Hill’s Barbering for Cosmetologists workshop was held for the first time in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina in April. The workshop featured two days of barbering skills from Patrick Hill, master barber.\

Day 1 – Look and Learn

On the first day, Patrick led the class through how to properly barber hair, offered tips, and demonstrated his skills on live models. He covered a variety of beginners’ topics, including:

How to Neatly Cut Hair

Patrick recommended cutting hair in different sections on the head, taking a little bit off at a time. This keeps the hair even and you can tell how much and where you have cut. He also gave tips about which guards to use for specific styles.

How to Fade Hair

The fade is an extremely important haircut in today’s society and you need to be able to use clippers effectively to achieve the desired look. Patrick demonstrated the different settings of clippers, what they do, and what look they give in a haircut.

Other Quick Tips

Patrick offered many tips during this session, such as using a light-colored comb when cutting dark hair and a dark-colored comb when cutting light hair. This enables you to see exactly how much you are cutting more easily. He emphasized always making sure to ask what the customer wants throughout the process so they are happy with the results.

Day 2 – Hands-On Training

The second day of the workshop offered more personalized and individual instruction. Each participant used their own mannequin to practice the techniques Patrick had talked about the previous day. Patrick demonstrated his skills on live models and mannequins, then helped each participant with their assigned tasks on their mannequins.

Patrick also provided more insider knowledge about the barbering business like which products, guards, razors, and clips to use for the best results.

Future Barbering Events

Patrick will be offering additional workshops soon. If you are interested in attending, you can find upcoming dates and more details here.

These workshops are a great way for cosmetologists to learn more about the art of barbering and how to make more money through offering a wider variety of services. Topics to be covered in Patrick’s upcoming workshops include:

  • How to increase speed
  • How to select the right clipper and clipper guard
  • Fading straight and curly hair
  • When to use guards versus when to use clippers over a comb
  • Creating a hard part and designs
  • How best to use the mirror to your advantage
  • Marketing yourself as a stylist
  • How to best market your salon

With a state-of-the-art set and years of professional experience running his own successful shop, Patrick Hill the Groomsmith is the premiere instructor for your barbering needs. Call today at (843) 475-1033 to learn more and register.