Alopecia can be a scary thing to face alone when you don’t have someone to help you through the experience. I am here to help guide you through what is happening with your hair, and to help find the best solutions to make you feel good about yourself again! 
Happy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful holiday and you’re looking forward to all of 2020. For this blog and to get 2020 kicked off for me, I want to talk about how barbers like myself are here to help those struggling with alopecia and other similar issues. Alopecia causes hair to fall out in clumps. Your immune system attacks the hair follicles, causing it to fall out. It strikes men and women starting in their 20s, and leaves round smooth bald spots on your head. Normally the hair does return, but the attacks can go on for many years. In some cases, the hair never grows back at all. There are many forms of alopecia, like alopecia totalis, which does end in total baldness. If alopecia runs in your family or you have another autoimmune disorder, hair growth is also less likely. Discolored and pitted nails are a sign of serious cases of alopecia too. The loss of eyelashes and eyebrows, along with other facial hair, are also symptoms of alopecia.
It sound’s very scary, and believe me it can be. But as part of my job, I am blessed and happy to help my clients and future clients deal with these symptoms and to make it through to the other side. If this is something you are currently dealing with, please take a deep breath and come see me. I want to help you, and I know we can work together to make this a better situation for you!
  • When you are diagnosed with alopecia, my barbershop might be the second place you visit after the doctor’s office. Once you have been diagnosed, I am the one who can help you with the next step of your journey. I can guide you in picking the best hairstyle to hide and disguise hair loss, along with many other options.
  • One of these other options, if the hair loss continues and gets serious, is my hair replacement services. I have options that last between 1 and 8 weeks, depending on what you are looking for. It is a pain-free experience, and the hair looks and feels just like your own.
  • It is not technically my job to diagnose alopecia, but I might be the first one to notice the signs before you or your doctor. I will mention this to you privately and with care. I will be happy to help you decide what your next steps of action should be, guide you towards who you should talk to next, and what we can do together to make this a painless experience for you.
  • Don’t be afraid to visit your doctor once you believe you have alopecia or once I mention that you might have the beginning stages. They can help diagnose the cause, what type of alopecia you have, and can also help you find hair regrowth options.
  • It will be my pleasure to provide you with hairstyles and options that can eliminate the visibility of bald spots. Perms and hair dyes can help with hiding the bald spots too.
  • Please remember that if your hair does not begin to regrow after six months, we will need to work towards other steps besides specific cuts, colors, or perms.
  • I will offer comfort to anyone coming into my shop dealing with this. I understand that this is a hard process to deal with at any age. For my younger patrons dealing with this, I will help you find a trendy hairstyle that will help you still feel apart of your age group and keep your body image strong.
  • I can also add in hairpieces or direct you on where you can buy appropriate and high-quality pieces to cover any balding spots.
  • Eyelashes and nail care can be discussed as well. I can guide you to where you can get long-lasting fake lashes and where to get the best treatment for nails that have also been subjected to alopecia.
  • Always know that you are coming into a place of care when you visit my shop while going through this. I have taken the time to understand hair loss, just like I have taken time to study styling, cutting, and caring for hair. I am going to be here to help you feel comfortable, understand the situation, and offer the support you need. I am here to answer questions and to help you feel comfortable in your skin again.
  • My shop will always offer you privacy. We can talk about your options and what you are going through without judgment.
  • I can guide you towards and away from products that will help you and others that are all talk and no help. I can help you find the proper products you need faster, which is so important in a world with so many options out there. I can save you both time and money while dealing with this step of the process.
  • I can help create a plan with you on how many hair cuts you should or should not get while going through treatment.
Alopecia and hair loss of any kind is difficult. I have the skills and abilities to ease the pain and hurt this experience can give you. It is my goal to make you feel good about yourself again and to eliminate the dread of coming to my barbershop once you start showing signs of alopecia. Please don’t hesitate to reach out and contact me if you have questions or feel like you might be showing signs of alopecia. That’s what I’m here for! Until next time, I hope to see you at my shop soon and Happy New Year!