Many of my clients ask about the difference when it comes to clippers or scissors cuts, and if one is better than the other. With some of you still uncomfortable with going out in public, I wanted to share this information just in case! 
Summerville! Happy July, and happy day to you. I am so blessed to be busy in my new shop space, and I am so thankful that I have been able to share that with so many of you. As you can imagine, I get a lot of questions about if using scissors or clippers is the best way to go when trying to achieve the next best cut and style. Since I use both, along with a traditional barbers razor, it’s hard to specifically answer that question. But, with the world as it is today and some of my clients not feeling safe enough yet to come to visit me in person, I will try to answer that question as I best I can. This is for my readers who are juggling with the decision to cut their hair or not until they feel safe enough to come to see me again. Before reading further into this blog, I do encourage you to go back and read, if you haven’t already, my blog about caring and possibly cutting your hair during quarantine by following the link below!
In this blog, we are going to be talking about the pros and cons of using hair clippers or scissors when cutting your hair. Please note, since I use multiple hair tools including scissors and clippers, this blog and information are solely based on these two tools for personal use. When choosing which tool is best for you, please consider your experience and skill. Never push yourself beyond what you can do!
Clippers, or an electric razor, have a motor that moves a blade very quickly back and forth that has been created to slice through the hair. They usually come with different guards (that are numbered) that protect the scalp from getting cut and allow different lengths of hair to be removed, and to help create and keep a very even cut. Clippers are the perfect tool to use on shorter hair and to achieve shorter styles. They are best for buzz cuts, military-style cuts, high and tights, and to help with trimming around your ears and neck. They can also be used to help create a nice fade, although a really good fade does take skill and serious practice to achieve.
    • They are the perfect tool for beginners! They are easy to use and will have a guaranteed length that will be taken off depending on the numbered guard you use.
    • They follow the shape of the yead, so it’s easier to achieve a symmetrical cut.
    • You can get the haircut you want in little time and have a consistent result.
    • Short cuts achieved by using clippers can make hair look thicker.
  • The Cons
    • Clippers can damage the hair, actually giving it a spikey look, causing it to grow out in a more of a “porcupine shape” and look.
    • Only basic hair cuts are consistently achieved unless you are skilled to do more complicated techniques.
    • Mistakes are much easier to make since the hair is much shorter, and the only way to fix the mistakes is to cut the hair even shorter.
When cutting hair with scissors, this doesn’t mean grabbing the pair out on your kitchen draw. You need to use specific scissors made for cutting hair. They’re called barber or hairdressing sheers. They are made of quality materials, they are lightweight, and they have sharp tips to help with detailed cuts and techniques. As a barber, scissors give the user more control when creating different cuts and looks. Plus, a haircut with scissors tends to last longer and grow out better. When wanting to achieve a natural look to what clippers can do, barbers use a technique called scissors over comb. This technique has been used longer than clippers have been around. Scissors help you achieve a natural cut, and it allows hair to blend in better. They create a looser cut, while clippers are tighter cuts. For those of you wanting to use sheers at home, you can achieve fade styles, but that does take time. Beginners should stick with simple longer cuts with little to no layers like bowl cuts, bobs, and blunt cuts.
    • Simple trims with scissors can happen in no time.
    • There is more versatility in how you can use them, and they work well on all types of hair and hair textures.
    • They can hide mistakes easier.
    • Hair grows back with a more natural look.
    • They are an easier tool to keep clean. There is no battery or plug to worry about!
    • They don’t have guards to protect your skin, fingers, ears, scalp, or neck. You REALLY need to be paying attention and be careful when using them.
    • If you’re not doing a simple trim, cuts can take a long time when using sheers.
    • If you’re not doing a simple trim it can take much longer to learn how to do specific techniques to achieve the look that you want.
As I’ve mentioned before, cutting your hair at home should be a last resort. But, if you need to, then please use the correct tools, techniques, and safety measures to achieve your desired look. Please know that I’m following all safety guidelines that have been laid out to keep myself and all of my customers safe, the shop is open and ready to see you! If you’ve been hesitant to visit or make an appointment, call me and let’s talk about it. I am Patrick the Groomsmith and I am here with the best barbershop in Summerville, the best nonsurgical hair restoration in Summerville, and more.