As a cosmetologist, you never want to be empty-handed when it comes to styles to suggest to your clients. 2018 has seen some hair trends continue, new ones emerge, and surprising resurgences come to the surface. Here are some of the current popular styles to have in your arsenal when your next client needs some guidance.

Hairstyles for Women

The long pixie: This year the trends for pixie cuts have evolved away from the super short styles from the past few years to a more “grown out” look that starts to cover the ears and can start to obscure the eyes when pulled forward. This look can be styled for a polished, classy look, or for that intentional messy look.

Low-maintenance bob, with middle part: Shorter hair styles for women appear to be more in-demand these days, with some women opting for a bob cut that stops at their ears. Whether grazing the chin or brought higher, this style skips much of the layering and is often worn as a wash-and-go, air-dry style that flaunts natural texture. Cutting it with a middle part can add a modern look as well.

Shaggy bangs: Going along with the low maintenance trend, this style also follows the resurgence of the popularity of bangs. Rather than the blunt or fringed style typically associated with bangs, this style gives a more wispy look that often parts in the middle. This leaves a cool, stylish look that is effortless to maintain.

Hairstyles for Men

Mohawk fade: The mohawk/faux-hawk look is returning with full force, and this modern adaptation is a uniquely cool look. A high fade is done on the sides rather than a blunt undercut, while a good deal of length is kept on top. Instead of fading the back, leave a middle section of hair just above the neck short, and blend it upward to the length of the top.

Undercut for thick or wavy hair: Natural hair textures are being celebrated, and a great way to emphasize it is to offer an undercut for men with thick or wavy hair. Clip the sides all the way to the top of the head and let the wavy hair fall to one side or the other. This look also can be complimented well with a disconnected beard.

Tapered haircut, with choppy texture on top: This look injects some energy into the hair and leaves the client with a look that is easy to maintain and works for multiple contexts. Taper the sides up toward a medium length on top, then texture the hair on top to a choppy, layered look, which adds movement and flow.

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