A cancer diagnosis can be devastating to your life, your plan, and your hair. Barbers, like myself, can help you on your journey and make it a little easier.
You create a very strong bond with your barber. It’s something that I grew up with and something that I pride in giving to my clients. Having the shop empty during the first few months of the pandemic was extremely difficult because I wasn’t seeing each of you. Thankfully social media, phone calls, and technology kept us connected through all of this.
You spend a lot of time in my chair. I learn about your hair and style, but I also learn about you. What you do, what your daily struggles are, your family, your friends, and all the important things in between. Sometimes we have a closer relationship with our barbers because in our chairs you can share almost anything with us without any judgment or hesitation. It’s a special unspoken bond between customer and barber, and one I cherish.
A cancer diagnosis is one of the hardest things you can go through in your lifetime. It’s heartbreaking to hear it from my patrons in my shop. But, my shop is a place where you can still come to find comfort, relaxation, and self-care. Treatment can lead to many changes, including the potential of losing your hair. But, as your barber, I will help you through every step of the process. Your hair is just as unique as you are, and how you want to handle your hair through your journey is one I will support. You have the power and choice to do what you want with your hair, your diagnosis does not. We can gradually cut it short through the process or start with shaving it all off from the very beginning. Every visit will still be the same; dedicated to the care of your hair, your skin, and your well being. My shop has always been and will always be a safe and comforting place through your battle on through to your triumph. Your hair will always be taken care of.
My services can help you feel a little more normal, in control, and help you feel better during your cancer journey too. It’s a positive place to distract you from what you’re going through. I can help walk you through our pain-free and excellent thair replacement services during your treatment and after. I can help you find the best hairpieces and wigs in the area if that is something you’re looking for. I can help you take care of your skin through treatment, and make sure it is healthy and cared for.
When you’ve beaten your cancer, I’ll be there for you and your hair too. Your treatment might not affect your hair at all, and you might just want to come in for a relaxing and self-care moment. But, if it’s your first haircut after losing your hair, it’s something we will celebrate and own together. Your hair might have a different texture, style, and consistency after treatment. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t find the perfect new style for you! Own your new hair, don’t let it own you or your emotions. Magic can be worked with short hair, I do it every day! From the first post-chemo haircut to all those following, I will be here to help you with your brand new hair journey.
Like I mentioned before, you create and nurture a close relationship with your barber. We also know and see your hair and scalp better than you do, most of the time, since we have an up-close and personal view of it and have for many years. As barbers, we are trained to notice changes in your hair. But, we can also catch changes in your skin that due to being hidden in a weird place on your scalp or by your hair, can be missed by you and your doctor. According to the Mayo Clinic, Cancer is the second leading cause of death in America behind heart disease. One of these silent dangers is skin cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, an estimated 5.4 million Americans will be diagnosed with some form of skin cancer every year. Some of these cancers can be very treatable, while others are only treatable when they are caught very early on. If I see something out of the ordinary, I make sure to let my clients know. It’s so easy for changes on your scalp to go unnoticed without another pair of eyes pointing it out! I want to guarantee the health and happiness of everyone who sits in my chair and helps catch and prevent anything dangerous. I am not a doctor, but I know when something looks different and has changed. According to U.S. Dermatologist Dr. Ramona Beshad, who founded Stylists Against Cancer, women are more likely to follow up on something found on their scalp when pointed out to them by their hairdressers or barbers!
I built my shop on a dream to prove that being a barber is an art form and a place to care for yourself. Today, that dream has become a reality. I have been so lucky to share that reality with so many of you, and can’t wait to continue to do so! I am Patrick the Groomsmith and I am here with the best barbershop in Summerville, the best nonsurgical hair restoration in Summerville, and more.