As a professional barber or stylist, you need clippers, scissors, and combs to do your job, so taking care of those tools is one of the most important parts of your day.

Your clippers and scissors are probably some of the most expensive items you own, and you want to make sure to take care of them as best as you can. Both of these tools can rust and get broken easily, so it pays to be vigilant with cleaning, brushing, and oiling them.

How Often Do You Need to Clean Your Supplies?

For sanitizing purposes, you should clean your clippers and scissors after every use. Once you finish with one client, you should sterilize your equipment to make sure they are clean and ready to use for another person.

Many barbers and stylists use single-use neck strips to keep hair from going down their client’s neck. These protect their skin from being irritated by barber capes. You can throw these away after one use. This leaves one less thing you have to worry about cleaning.

Keeping your tools clean is great for your customers’ peace of mind and your reputation. But there is a difference between sanitizing and sterilizing your equipment. Usually, metal instruments, like metal blades, razors, or scissors are sterilized with steam heat. Combs, hair clips, and plastic clipper guards are sanitized using a special germ-killing solution.

How to Clean Clippers

Clippers can collect dirt, hair, and oils, so it’s extremely important to clean them as frequently as possible before the blades get dulled or jammed. After each haircut, you should inspect your clippers for any signs of damage or blockage. Detach the comb guide and remove the blades if possible to clean them both separately.

Small pieces of hair can get stuck in your comb guides, so wipe them off with a special comb brush to remove any excess dust and hair. After that, be sure to wash them gently with warm, soapy water. Dry them thoroughly before storing them away in a case or dust-free container.

Oiling your clipper blades are essential to keeping them fresh and ready to use. Clipper blades are exposed to air and moisture and can rust or break down over time. By keeping your blades lubricated, you can avoid rough cuts and potentially painful haircuts.

Many clipper manufacturers recommend oiling blades after every use. Just switch on your clippers and put a couple drops of oil on the blade. Make sure the clipper runs for a few seconds to evenly distribute the oil on each blade. Be careful not to use too much oil or you’ll over-lubricate your clippers, which could damage them.

How to Clean Scissors

Scissors are essential for stylists but even barbers need them too. They can help them touch up a few spots to make the hairstyle their customers want.

Cleaning scissors may not be as complicated as your mechanical clippers, but you will still need to sanitize and oil them to make sure they do not rust. It’s recommended that you clean and oil them at least once a day to keep them working well.

Be sure to use the specific, customized oil created by your scissors’ manufacturer. They will sell the correct type of oil and a small dropper for you to use when applying oil to the center screw head between the blades.

Dry your scissors on a rack for the best results and store them in a professionally designed shear case or a fabric tool roll. Keeping them in a box or a bag can lead to damage or chipping.

You’ll also want to be observant of how dull your scissors are getting so you know when to sharpen them. You should sharpen your scissors regularly to make sure they work correctly and cut hair smoothly for your clients.

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