There are so many myths out there about becoming a barber, shaving, hair care, and more. It’s time to set those rumors right and debunk them once and for all. 
July has been such an exciting month for me! I have been able to see my amazing clients, in person, for almost two months now! With the resurgence of letting barbers open their doors, I opened the doors to my brand new studio with an incredible suite-style set up that allows for more privacy and comfort for every guest. As of the week of July 17th, I am now very proud to announce that I have several suites available for lease, equipped to service those who cater to the needs of their clients in beauty, wellness, and health. Each suite comes furnished with a chair, station, and dryer. Rentals start at $149 a week and that does include utilities. For more information please contact me at 843.475.1033 or 843.475.1365! I am so excited to watch this new studio space grow!
In this blog, I thought it would be fun to debunk some of the myths that are floating around out there about what it takes to become a successful barber, about men’s hair, hair loss, and shaving. This will be a two-part blog because there is just so much to talk about! I wanted to debunk some of these myths to make sure that you are educated about your hair and hygiene, and to eliminate any fear or worry you might have if you want to become a barber. Plus, some of these myths are on the entertaining side, and who doesn’t need a laugh or two right now?
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The first half of this two blog series is going to be dedicated to the myths and rumors about what it takes to become a successful barber. I’ve touched on this topic before in past blogs. Being a barber is an art form that takes time and dedication. If you want to be an esteemed barber you need to put the work in and have the patience to master your tools and skills as an individual. Just like any profession, myths about what you need to do to become a successful barber are always likely to pop up.
Myth #1: The only way to make money as a barber is to own your own shop.
It is true, I have decided to own my own shop. I like the ability to work for myself, create my brand, and create the shop that I have always wanted. Having that kind of freedom does come with huge personal and financial responsibility. It takes time and a lot of sacrifices. Dreams like owning your own barbershop don’t work unless you do. I have been blessed to have the clientele and business that I do, but I can recognize and respect that owning your own shop isn’t for everyone and that’s ok! There are so many prosperous ways of being a barber. Renting space in a studio like mine is one of many. You can be a personal stylist, you can travel around and style where you wish, you can pay home calls, you can work in the entertainment industry, work from companies that design and do hair and makeup for fashion shows, the list goes on. If owning a shop of your own isn’t a dream, don’t force it. If you do, and your only goal is to make money, it won’t be a pleasant experience for you. Remember why you wanted to become a barber and find the location that allows you to do exactly that.
Myth #2 You have to specialize in certain types of skills.
Having a limited specialization is dangerous and very limiting to who you are as a barber. The more you can do, the more skills you have, the more clients you’ll be able to serve! If you’ve taken a moment to see the number of different services that I offer and the tools I use, you’ll see that the list is very substantial. I never want to limit what I can do and potentially lose clients over that. When you are studying, it is the best choice to learn as much as you can. If there are skills that you gravitate towards, make those your specialty, but don’t stop there. Please never say no to an educational opportunity, either. I am a big believer that even once you do finish your formal education, learning never stops. This is why I have continued to teach and share what I have learned. Always keep up with the newest trends and what’s available to you.
Myth #3 Location with define your career.
As an experienced and established barber, location is incredibly important. My clients have been with me for years, and I want to give them a very special experience and location with they visit the shop. When it comes to a barber who is just starting, don’t let the location hinder you. If you’re offered a really exciting opportunity that can help you financially or help you create a resume and grow in your skills, don’t turn your nose up at it if it’s not in the perfect location. Perfect locations will come later. If you have the chance to work with a skilled and talented staff that will help continue your education and push you to become the best barber you can be, take that with open arms. A group of people like that will help you get your feet into the door and support you through those first few difficult years. There are so many hidden gems when it comes to barbershops, and each will welcome a young barber in with open arms and educate them beyond what they can learn in school. That experience will give you the edge you’ll need to compete in the world and to go and do the things you ultimately what to do. Sometimes those perfect high end, expensive, perfect location barbershops are just as stiff as the price tag they come with. You can get lost in the shuffle in a place like that when you’re young and hungry. Really consider what you want and need from your first steps in the professional world as you choose your first few jobs.
I hope this helps and encourages all of you out there who are wanting to become a barber yourself. In my next blog, I am going to continue talking about and debunking myths about men’s hair, hair loss, and shaving. Keep your eyes peeled for that one, I’m excited about it! Please know that I’m following all safety guidelines that have been laid out to keep myself and all of my customers safe, and the shop is open and ready to see you! If you’ve been hesitant to visit or make an appointment, call me and let’s talk about it. I am Patrick the Groomsmith and I am here with the best barbershop in Summerville, the best nonsurgical hair restoration in Summerville, and more.