We are continuing with the second part of our myths of the barbershop blog series! We will be talking about the myths of shaving, men’s hair, and men’s hair loss. Who knew there were so many different rumors and myths to debunk? 
Hello, Summerville! Have you had the opportunity to come visit my new studio yet? It’s all set and ready for your visit! For all of my clients who have been a little nervous about visiting and getting your hair cut or any of my services, I understand. Please know I am doing everything in my power to keep myself and everyone who visits safe and healthy. The new suite-style that my shop offers not only allows even more dedicated privacy and comfort, it also allows even more safety. It limits you from hanging around any large groups of people and guarantees a fantastic visit! It anything, my shop is one of the safest places to be in right now. Take comfort in that and enjoy your next visit even more!
My last blog started my myth debunking series with a blog dedicated to incorrect information about the myths of what it takes to become a barber. In part two I will be discussing the myths of shaving, and part three will be dedicated to the myths surrounding men’s hair and men’s hair loss. Who knew that there could be so many myths to work against? Please reach out to me if you have any questions or have heard a rumor that you want to know if it’s true or not!
  • Let’s Talk Shaving
When it comes to your facial hair, I always encourage you to be just as educated about it as you are about the hair on your head. That is one of the many reasons why I offer so many services just for your facial hair, plus these services will make you look and feel good too.
Myth #1: A Brand New Razor Will Cut And Nick You More
The results are quite the opposite. If you use this new razor like you have been using your older one, sure, you might cut yourself because you’re working harder than you need to be. When your razor becomes duller and you’ve been using it for a while, you might tend to push harder, shave faster, and not pay as close attention as you would with a brand new razor. The duller your blade, the harder you shave, and the more likely you are going to cut yourself then. A new razor will cut closer, cleaner, and will allow you to work a little less. If your razor beings to tug at your skin or you’re not happy with the results of your shave, then it’s time to get a new razor.
Myth #2: Shaving Will Make Your Skin Dry, Rough, Flaky, and Break Out 
If this is the result you get when you shave, please get a new razor right now and make sure you’re using the correct products for your skin. Also, you need to make sure that you’re shaving correctly. These effects aren’t caused by shaving but are caused by poor or incorrect technique. Make sure you’re shaving properly for your unique facial hair growth, and use products that are perfect for your skin type and that you’re not allergic to. Make sure to not only care for your facial hair and keep it clean, but the same also goes for your skin underneath. Moisturize after you shave and make sure to keep your tools clean!
Myth #3: Shaving Will Make Your Hair Grow Back Thicker and Courser
This is also false! There are only one or two drastic changes in your body that can really change how your hair grows in or not, or can change the makeup of your hair’s natural texture. Shaving is not one of them. The reason you might think this is because when you shave, you are removing the thin soft tip of your hair that is growing above your skin. What is left behind is the thicker and much coarser hair follicle. This will make it feel like it is sharper or even thicker after you shave.
Myth #4: Shaving Will Make Your Hair Grow Back Faster 
This is very false. Sorry to say, even if your facial hair does tend to grow quickly or not, shaving has no control over your hair’s actual growth. The main factor in what does affect how quickly it grows is your genes and the root of the hair. you’ll have to look elsewhere if you want to speed up the process, shaving won’t be helping you!
Myth #5: You Don’t Need To Wash Your Facial Hair As Often As You Wash Your Hair Body
If you know me and if you’ve visited my shop, I hope you already know the answer to this myth! It is very very false. If anything, your facial hair could be dirtier than your hair. It likes to catch every smell you encounter throughout the day, hide bits of food, and hang onto the salt and smell of sweat. Also, if you’re sick or around someone who is sick, germs will love to hop on and stay with your beard. Keeping it clean is just as important as any part of your body. If you don’t, I guarantee you’ll feel and see a difference. It won’t be as healthy, grow as quickly, it won’t look healthy or clean, and it won’t be popular with those you like to get close to.
It looks like shaving comes with quite a bit of stigma! These myths aren’t even all of them that are floating out there. I hope this blog and debunking these myths make you feel better and more confident about your next shave. Next time we will be continuing our myth blog series with more debunking about men’s hair and hair loss. I look forward to seeing you in the shop soon, and I hope you’re just as excited about the next blog as I am to share it with you! I am Patrick the Groomsmith and I am here with the best barbershop in Summerville, the best nonsurgical hair restoration in Summerville, and more.