Losing their hair is one of my client’s biggest fears, but is it something they are causing to happen and can reverse if they put their mind to it?
If there has ever been a time in the world that we are all collectively stressed, we know that time is now. But from the comfort of our own homes, staying positive and keeping your stress to a minimum might be more important to your body, and your hair, than you might realize. I have talked about a few different forms of hair loss before – some that are hereditary, some that happen with age, and some that come from the imbalance of hormones. But, did you realize that finding more hair in your brush or your shower drain can be caused by stress and anxiety? There is plenty to be stressed about in this world right now, and it is very natural to wonder and be considered about how stress can affect your body. There are more social media posts and news stories popping up about it every day now. As your barber, and as a champion for your hair, I do ask that you heed their warnings. Taking time for yourself and embracing self-care is more important than ever before.
Stress and anxiety can lead to your hair falling out faster and more rapidly. It can also lead to causing three common conditions that can also cause hair loss. Stress and anxiety can lead you to develop alopecia areata, trichotillomania, and telogen effluvium. We have talked about a few different types of alopecia before in my past blogs. Alopecia areata is when your immune system attacks your hair follicles like it would any dangerous invader in your body and cause your hair to fall out. In some cases, it can also cause hair thinning and bald spots. With alopecia areata, hair can grow back, but it can also fall out again once it grows back. Doctors aren’t wholly positive about what causes alopecia, but it is thought that genetics is the main cause. This form of alopecia is not directly caused because of stress, but can you imagine how stressful it is to deal with that? Trichotillomania, on the other hand, is directly caused by stress. This condition causes a person to pull their hair out when under extreme stress, a lot of the time without even realizing it. Hair can be pulled from all over the body with this condition including from the scalp, eyebrows, eyelashes, and other places. This can leave bald patches on your head and your body. Telogen effluvium is also a direct cause of stress. This condition can cause your hair follicles to go into an almost dormant state, and once this state is achieved they stop producing new hair strands. After a while hair loss becomes very common when you’re washing, combing or touching your hair due to its slowed state.
Stress can lead to hair loss in as quickly as three months. Thankfully, almost all hair loss due to stress is only temporary, and your hair will start growing back. Sometimes it can start growing back as quickly as six months, but this all depends on how quickly you can return to a normal level of stress and anxiety. Your hair loss and your hair regrowth are in your hands. I always make it a priority to make all of my clients comfortable and to pay attention to each of their individual needs. The more you come to see me for your haircuts and your grooming needs, the more I’ll get to know you and your hair. I have an extremely trained eye to notice every sign of stress-related hair loss. If I start seeing these signs, I will let you know. I will be very discreet and respectful in handling this situation, and I will help get you through to the other side. Here are examples of how to start helping yourself and getting you on the path of successfully regrowing your hair!
  • Always treat your hair with care when washing, styling, and drying. Always use the proper hair products from cleansing to styling. I can help you find the perfect products and show you the healthiest and safest ways to style your hair at home to achieve your best look.
  • We talked a lot about this in my last blog, but eating a healthy diet and pairing it with the best multivitamins for your body is a huge and necessary step for your hair care and health. Exercise also plays a huge part in this. It helps you get rid of and deal with stress and anxiety, and it also helps keep your whole body healthy from head to toe.
  • Talking to your doctor and a therapist can be a huge help. Spending time with positive people and making positive choices in your life can also reduce your stress levels.
  • Now that you can be comfortable in your own home on a more frequent basis, look into at-home ways of dealing with your stress. You can find free videos and tutorials on youtube, use apps on your phone, join online yoga and relaxation classes online, and more. You just need to find what works for you!
Be good to yourself and your hair, you deserve that! I am always here to help guide you through any hair loss issues and what steps you can take to make this situation better. Never hesitate to reach out, I am always here for you and your hair!