Do you know the difference between a barber and a master barber? It’s important to know the difference when it’s time for your next haircut. Take the time to know the difference and what options are available to you. It’s time to take your self-care up a level, and a Master Barber can help you achieve this goal.
Hello Everyone! Patrick The Groomsmith here. I’m so excited to talk with you today in my very first blog post. This is going to be a little introduction about what the ins and outs of a Barbershop are, and what being a Master Barber means. There has been a resurgence of the days of old in all kinds of industries. Hats, clothing, and self-care being just a few examples. Social Media has helped the sweep of old to new trends that are now becoming the hip and cool thing to do – and not just in Brooklyn or other big artsy cities. Not only is it a cool and hip thing to be doing, but it’s also bringing back the importance of spending the time to take care of yourself. It’s a reflection on the days when taking care of yourself as a way of life was done without the excuse of “Self Care” or “Treat Your Self”. Once upon a time, it was part of the daily routine for people to look their best and spend the extra time doing so. That’s where someone like me steps in.
Barbershops and Master Barbers have never gone away. I’m sure many of you have grown up around a barbershop in one form or another or heard tales of your Dad’s or Grandpa’s favorite barbershop that they grew up in. Where men could be men, and not worry about sticking their faces in their iPhone’s. They could spend time having a conversation, slowing down a little, and walking out the door feeling refreshed and confident with their fresh new haircut. Like everything else, the whole process has sped up. Barbershops that get you in and out in 25 minutes after you made an appointment on your app are commonplace now. But do these barbers know how to give a straight razor shave? Do they take the time to study the growth pattern of the hair on your head or your facial hair to give you the best cut and the closest shave? Highly doubtful. You might have been lucky in your life to come across a true artist or two without knowing it. But the time to understand the difference and to seek out a master barber is now.
  • It’s in the Details
When it comes down to it, the major difference between a barber and a master barber is is that a Master Barber can color, perm, and perform other Chemical Services allowing them to reach more clients. The elevated professional title holds me to a higher degree to remain professional, stay on top of and be able to offer the latest treatments and services, and be up to date on what’s in style. When you walk in and sit down in my barber chair, I want to work with you and take the time to get to know you. This way I can make an educated suggestion on what’s best for you based on your lifestyle, how you dress, and your livelihood. I want to make you look good for your unique style, and give you the correct look to come off appropriately personally and professionally. How often have you found yourself in the barber’s chair and the guy holding the razor isn’t listening to you describe the texture of your hair, how it grows, and what your trouble spots are? It happens more often than not. I will always spend the time to listen to you because you’re the only one who knows your hair and will have to style it every morning.
  • Taking a Moment
It’s not just about a haircut for me. When you come in and sit down, I’m looking at the whole picture. You’ve picked out your next cut, but what about your facial hair? What about skin treatments? How about the hair around your lip? Are you looking for more in-depth services like hair replacement? You have the opportunity to have different treatments and services offered, like a straight razor shave, because I won’t rush the experience to get another body in my chair. There is more time, dedication, and craft of the hair cut and experience when under the hands of a Master Barber like myself.
  • For You
A Master Barber can do a lot of wonderful things for you, but I can’t be the only one making the decisions and doing all the talking. Take pride in sitting down and explaining what you want and need while in my shop. I will take all the information you give me and fill in the holes and guide you to exactly what you want in your experiences. Take pride in taking care of yourself and enjoying your experience. A normal barber will just do the quickest and easiest thing, usually just shaving off your hair. At the end of the day, it’s not just a hair cut. It’s a confidence booster and a new chapter every time you step out of my care.
It’s time to give yourself the time to take care of yourself and not feel bad about doing so. It’s not a luxury, it’s a necessity. Every time you walk into my shop, you will walk away feeling better and confident every time you visit me!