Getting your hair cut and your facial hair cared for are the obvious reasons to visit a barbershop. With its unique personality, community, and attention to detail, there are so many other reasons why you should be going to a barbershop. 
Hello everyone! I hope that as you’re reading this you’re happy and well. With the school year back in session and our lives starting to get very busy again, never forget to give yourself the time to care for your hair and skin. I’ve talked about it before but I want to say it again; self-care is not selfish. Caring for your hair, facial hair, and your skin is something that will not only make you feel good, but it’ll also make you look good. These small little details can have such a big impact on your life. If you feel good in your own skin, this radiates out into your personal and professional world. Plus, your hair is another expression of who you are and your personal style. Taking care of any of these aspects are important. Give yourself permission to take time to care for yourself, and look good while doing it.
When someone asks you why you go to the barbershop, getting a hair cut and a shave might be your knee jerk response. If you know me, you know my barbershop is so much more than that. It is a community, a safe haven, a place to relax and unwind, and a place to look forward to being in. It’s a place that has a special culture all of its own. I have been thinking about this for a while now, and as passionate as you can assume I am about why you should go to a barbershop, I know these reasons might not be common knowledge. So, here four of the top reasons why you should be going to a barbershop.
  • Don’t Limit Yourself
Barbershops, traditionally, have been a place for men to get their hair and facial hair taken care of. My shop is an exception to this rule, I welcome everyone! Women do have a plethora of beauty parlors available to them, which is wonderful but those can be a bit of a disappointment for any male patrons. Men might be lucky enough to get a haircut and a possible shampoo at a beauty parlor. The option to get their hair color or highlighted is there too, but many services offered at a beauty parlor won’t be used or be desirable to male clientele. The hallmark of a barbershop is that it offers more services specifically created for men. Their barber will be more knowledgeable about the texture and type of their hair. They will understand how to cut and style their hair better, beard and mustache trims will be available, scalp massages, line ups, will also be available to choose from. If you’re in my shop all of this, plus a little more, is available to you. I have specific skincare treatments just for men, hair treatments and hair replacements services available, and the staple of a classic barbershop is also available; a straight razor shave. All of this paired with personal, private, and dedicated service from yours truly makes the experience of visiting a barbershop very special.
  • Better Products & Worth The Price
Not only will you find the best services for what you need, but barbers will also provide the best hair, facial hair, and skincare products needed to style, care for, and groom yourself every day. The products will be top of the line and your barber will be well versed in each carefully chosen product sitting on the shelves. Barbers will be able to help you pick out exactly what kind of product you need based on what kind of style you’re looking to achieve. They are also able to show you exactly how to use the product, and how it can better your daily routine. Products will also be chosen based on your cut, texture, type of hair, and how much care you want to put into your hair every day.
 A good deal is always tempting, no matter who you are. If a product or service sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Getting a cheap haircut is no different. Sure, it’s very tempting to go and spend as little as you can for your haircut, but the quality of your hair cut will match the price. It is true that you’ll be paying more for a haircut at a barbershop, but you’ll be getting so much more. The quality of the hair cut will be so much better, and you’ll walk away with exactly what you want. Plus, many barbers include more than just a hair cut in their services. Many include a hot shave or a special shampoo wash in the price of their haircuts so, you’ll be getting more and walking away feeling great. Also, if you have any questions or concerns, your barber is more likely to be able to spend the time to answer them and will have the best answer for you.
  • A Place Of Your Own
The trendy haircuts that have emerged in recent fashion isn’t something that can easily be replicated at home. A skilled hand is needed to cut and style the hair to get what you’re trying to achieve and to do it safely. Try as you might, cutting the hair on the back of your head and around your neck can be extremely difficult. It can lead to all kinds of uneven accidents, and trimming and cutting too close can be very painful. Letting a skilled and trained hand give you your desired cut will leave you much happier and is overall much safer.
  • Once In A Lifetime
Visiting a barbershop is also a very unique and special experience, and they offer services you might not be able to find anywhere else. They have been around for a long time, and have cultivated a very unique and time-honored culture that is respected and revered, not franchised. They are also something of a tradition. Fathers will bring in sons, grandfathers will bring in grandsons so they can experience a barbershop and its culture together. It’s an opportunity to create very special memories with your family. You can’t find this special experience at a chain in a minimall.
I have dedicated my life to being a barber, to the culture of the barbershop, and to create a truly special experience for everyone that comes into my shop. When you sit in my chair, it’s our time to make you feel great and for me to help you feel comfortable in your skin and style. It’s not a place to be rushed, a place to hurry, or a place to get poor service. When you got to a barbershop, your needs will be met and you will be well cared for. Walking out of my barbershop, I want you to always feel good about your hair and about yourself. I am Patrick the Groomsmith and I am here with the best barbershop in Summerville, the best nonsurgical hair restoration in Summerville, and more.