Both barbers and cosmetologists will use clippers at some point in their careers, so it’s extremely important to know the differences in them and when to use each.

There are three types of clippers barbers can use to cut shorter hair:

Detachable Blade Clipper

The detachable blade clipper is the most powerful one in use today. As the name suggests, its blades can be removed and changed out depending on how long your customer wants their hair to be.

The blades range from 3 ¾ blades to 00000 blades. The smaller the number on the blade, the shorter the clippers will cut the hair. For example, the 3 ¾ cuts hair to a ½-inch length, while the 00000 shears hair off for an almost completely bald look.

Detachable clippers are so powerful they can cut through longer, thick, wet hair. Many barbers use the different size blades for fades and shorter beard trimming as well.

Adjustable Clipper

Another popular type of clipper is the adjustable clipper. Once again, the name gives away its function. The adjustable clipper has a lever on the side of the handle that changes the length of the blade. It cuts hair shorter with the lever closed and longer with it open.

This clipper also has plastic attachments that can be used to cut hair to a longer length. These are commonly referenced with numbers ranging from 1 to 5, but it’s better to refer to them as their actual measurement lengths because classification numbers can differ based on manufacturer. Generally, the lower the number, the shorter the clipper will cut.

These plastic attachments work best with thinner, dry hair.

T-Blade Trimmer

The t-blade gets its name because of its appearance. The top blade sticks out from each side of the clipper handle forming a t-shape. This design allows for the t-blade to do closer cutting to the outline of the ears, neck, and beard.

This is not the most powerful clipper, so you shouldn’t try to use it for cutting large amounts of hair. Its best use is for cleaning up edges and adding line designs.

Cleaning Your Clippers

It may sound simple, but it’s extremely important to take care of your clippers and keep them clean. After every customer, you should disinfect your combs and brush off your clippers. Use a specific clipper brush to clean your blades and a clipper disinfectant spray before you put them back on the clipper handle. Get a disinfectant that has lubricant in it to keep your clipper blades well moisturized too.

You should also wash your blades at the end of the day to keep them extra clean and to get them ready for the next day. Keeping your blades clean and moisturized will allow them to work as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Patrick will be going over all this information and more in his upcoming barber workshops, where you can learn techniques from the master barber himself.

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