One of the most popular topics that I’ve talked about here on my blog are clipper cuts vs. scissor cuts, so I wanted to revisit the topic and dig in a little deeper! 
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One of my most popular blogs of all time is one I wrote almost a year ago in July of 2020 titled “Clipper Vs, Scissor Cuts”, If you haven’t read it yet, please follow the link here:
With so much popularity around the topic, I wanted to revisit it and talk a little more in-depth about the subject so you can learn a little more, and decide what method might be right for you! Or, if you’ve already been using a type of cutting tool for a very long time, maybe it’s time to try the other the next time you come to see me or the next time you give yourself a haircut at home!
[Why Should You Get A Clipper Cut?]
The way you get a hair cut and the way you want to have your hair cut is a very personal choice. There is no right or wrong way in this choice, or what tool you decide you’d like to use after you finish reading this blog. I just want to make sure that you know what your options are and to help you know as much as you can on this particular topic!
  • Clippers can be used to cut any length of hair, but they are the best for shorter styles. Some of the most popular styles include buzz cuts, high and tights, shorter faux hawks, and pompadours.
  • If you are looking to learn how to cut your own hair, they are a very straightforward tool that makes them great beginner-friendly tools.
  • They will follow the shape of your head as you’re cutting, so you don’t have to guess at the direction or shape you want in a shorter haircut. The combination of your head shape and the design of your clippers will help you with that!
  • The way the hair will lay in a short cut, standing out from the head instead of laying flat, will help your hair look thicker. Clippers will help you achieve a thicker and fuller look in your cut and style.
  • Depending on which brand of clipper you decide to use, each will come with a set of guard attachments of varying sizes. This will allow you to cut your hair in varying styles, lengths, and looks very easily.
  • Clippers can offer both home cutters and professional barbers the option to provide many different looks and styles by using just one tool.
  • If choosing to cut your own hair, there are many different price options of clippers to choose from depending on what your budget is. No matter what your budget, a good pair of clippers is out there for you.
  • Your barber will be skilled in using clippers and which guard to use to achieve the most basic or the most unique style that you could want. This will allow you to look and feel your best.
  • It’s a great tool that always offers consistent results cut after cut.
  • They give an artistic touch to the overall look of your haircut and style.
  • If you have a busy schedule and don’t have a ton of time to spend doing your hair or getting it cut, clipper cuts are a great way to get you in and out of the barber’s chair very quickly, while still looking great after your cut.
  • Shorter cuts given by an excellent pair of clippers and skilled hands like mine allow very minimal care of your hair in the morning, which will allow you to sleep in a little longer!
  • Clipper cuts can help you avoid bed head and hat hair.
  • You can find clippers that are cordless that let you style and cut your hair whenever and wherever you want without question. They can also help you save room in your bathroom if your storage is tight.
[Why Should You Get a Scissor Cut?]
Now that you know all the pros of clipper cuts, let’s talk about the benefits of scissor cuts! Here is what you need to know!
  • While shorter styles, fades, and detailed cuts can be made with scissors, they are best used for subtle layers, blunt cuts, bowl cuts, and longer to medium hair length cuts.
  • They can give incredible options and versatility when it comes to your cuts, adding in things like layers, weave styles, slices, and more.
  • Scissor cuts can create even more tailored and individual cuts.
  • If any mistakes are made in a cut made with scissors, it is easy to hide them and easy to correct once the hair has grown out.
  • They are hand-powered, so they will never need to be plugged in or charged, letting you style or cut whenever you want!
  • Since you don’t need to charge or plug them in, they are very simple tools to take with you whenever you need them.
  • They are very simple and easy to clean and maintain, with no extra attachments to worry about losing or cleaning as well.
  • Since scissors are hand-powered, no mechanical parts can breakdown mid cut, which can cause you to wait until you go out and get another or until they’re charged. Scissors are always ready for the go.
  • Scissors give the user more control.
  • Scissor cuts last longer.
[Myths About Men’s Hair]
Are you not sure if everything you’ve heard about caring for your hair is true are not? Here are a few busted myths to help clear up any confusion!
  • The more you cut your hair, the faster it grows!
    • This is misinformation. While there is nothing wrong with cutting your hair as frequently as you’d like to achieve the look you want, it won’t help it grow any faster. Hair is neither dead nor living and it cannot be stimulated by anything to do anything, and this includes cutting your hair frequently to make it grow faster.
  • The more you brush your hair, the healthier it will be!
    • Hair brushing should be saved for when it is needed, for upkeep, and for getting rid of knots. Do not overdo it!
  • Men don’t need hair conditioner.
    • This is also false information. Using a high-quality conditioner after you shampoo can help minimize damage, help your hair be more manageable, and is a great time and financial investment to create healthy hair.
  • Hair gel will cause hair loss.
    • Not true! You need to find the right kind of styling product for your hair that won’t cause it to dry out, feel brittle, or crunchy. Some gels can make hair look thinner, but they won’t cause hair loss.
  • I need to wash my hair every day to keep it clean!
    • Washing your hair every day isn’t needed unless you work in an industry that leaves it extra dirty or requires it. Daily washing can cause your hair to become dry and brittle, and it can make it very greasy. If you’re having issues, try washing your hair 2-3 times a week, and rinse it with water on the days in between!
As I’ve mentioned before, what hairstyle you choose and the tools you use to achieve that look are very personal. I will be glad to help you achieve the best look possible every time you come into my shop, and I will use the best tools to do so! If you have any questions about your hairstyle and what tools are best, please don’t hesitate to reach out! I hope you learned a little more today about the benefits of clipper and scissor haircuts! Try something new the next time you come to see me or use a new tool of choice to achieve a new style! You might surprise yourself and find out that you’ve discovered a brand new style that you love! Until next time, I am Patrick the Groomsmith and I am here with the best barbershop in Summerville, the best nonsurgical hair restoration in Summerville, and more.