Due to the effects of genetics, certain medical conditions, or other external factors, it can be quite common for men to experience hair loss. When your hair starts receding, revealing a bald spot that is more noticeable over time, it can start to take a toll on your self-confidence pretty quickly. After all, your hair is one of the more prominent features that people take notice of when you introduce yourself to new friends, when you walk into a party, or when you shake hands with a potential employer. Having a full head of hair you love can help you feel more confident in the overall impression you make.

Loss of Hair Means Loss of Self-Expression

While you may be thinking your hair is simply a superficial feature, there’s a lot more meaning to having a full head of hair than just appearances – something you feel most powerfully when you lose your hair. When you lose your hair, you lose a means of expressing your personality. There are seemingly endless ways to style a full head of hair. There’s not much to be done when there is a big bald spot, other than trying to cover it up. Your hair is a medium for creative expression, so recovering your full head of hair gives you one more way of showing people what you’re all about.

Hair Loss and Looking Older

Going bald is typically associated with older age so, naturally, people appear older than they might actually be when they go bald. If you are younger, especially if you are in your twenties, a receding hairline can cause insecurity for you among your peers. You may feel less confident approaching people in your age group due to appearing older. For people in older age groups, being able to reclaim that more youthful look can go a long way in reinvigorating you with an inspired energy.

Finding the Right Hair Loss Solution

When it comes to restoring your full head of hair, it only makes sense that you find a solution that you can feel confident in. There are many different options out there for covering up a balding scalp, but not all solutions are created equal.

The most basic method of covering up a balding head (other than putting on a hat) is getting a wig or a toupee. However, this method is superficial and doesn’t allow you to do anything with your hair other than simply wear it. It can also be difficult to find hairpieces that look real and stay on securely.

Topical hair creams are another common solution, but they often aren’t very effective and can result in some unfortunate side effects. Surgical options often promise a full head of real hair that you can actually style, but they are incredibly invasive and aren’t guaranteed to work. Plus, surgical options for hair replacement are very expensive.

The Renew Hair Hair Care System is a non-surgical hair replacement procedure that can get you a full head of hair in just a day. Real hair is applied to your scalp with a safe and powerful adhesive and can be styled to your liking. It’s a full head of hair you can be confident in, allowing you to feel more like you.