Having a full head of great-looking hair styled by an excellent barber is the perfect way to keep looking young and build self-confidence. When the natural effects of age or genetics begin to thin out the hair and reveal more bare scalp, it can leave many in search of solutions.

These solutions have often come at a significant price, however, whether it be the literal cost of money or in the overall experience.

Thankfully, the Renew hair replacement system is here to solve these problems. Renew is an innovative, non-surgical hair replacement method that renders results resembling the most advanced hair surgeries, at a fraction of the cost. Here’s why you should consider this method:

Surgery Is a Huge Financial Investment – And It Isn’t Even Guaranteed to Work!

Hair replacement surgeries can cost tens of thousands of dollars and are often dragged out over a long period of time. Each session will require recovery time, which can be highly uncomfortable. There are also possible side effects that include swelling, itchiness, or numbness of the scalp. When all is said and done, the surgery isn’t always effective. Modern surgeries are often designed to transplant hair from one part of the scalp to a bald spot for it to start growing there. However, these transplanted hairs can die off before regrowth starts, rendering all of that time, money, and energy put into the procedure moot.

Toupees Are Cheaper, and They Look Cheaper

Toupees are not a true hair replacement in the sense that they are merely a superficial, and usually noticeable, cover-up of a bald spot rather than a full head of hair you can take pride in. Toupee-wearers often live with a sense of anxiety as well, since you cannot perform certain activities with a toupee, such as swimming or intense physical activities. Something as simple as a strong gust of wind, or a mishap that requires a sudden and unexpected quick movement, can cause a toupee to fall off or move out of place. A toupee also needs separate upkeep and cleaning that can be an annoying additional task to your day.

Renew Delivers the Results You Want, Without the Drawbacks

Renew’s non-surgical hair replacement method uses real human hair, along with a specialty adhesive, to achieve a great and natural looking head of hair in a one-hour sitting. Not only do you end up with a realistic head of hair at the fraction of the cost of surgery, but you also don’t have to worry about any recovery time or possible damage to your scalp. You can wash your hair, or go running or swimming with it, without any worry, allowing you to wear your new head of hair like it’s truly your own. After about a month, a typical time in between haircuts, simply make a trip back to the salon for a fresh head of hair.

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