With the coming of the New Year, it’s time to celebrate your end of the year grooming habits! I’m here with the perfect checklist for this year and every year! 
Hello friends! What a wonderful and festive season it’s been! I’ve had such a wonderful time celebrating with all of you and with our community. Christmas and holiday cheer has been infectious and I am so thankful for all of my North Charleston and Summerville clients, friends, family, and supporters. This year has been hard, one of the hardest in the books. Thanks to your love and support, I have been able to keep this dream and passion of mine alive and well. You helped me open a brand new suite-style studio space and then helped me fill it with incredible members of the industry. You have kept my barbershop chair full and occupied, and have continued to keep me busy and my passion alive. That has been the biggest gift this year. You all have been my biggest gift of 2020, and I could not be more thankful. I will continue to love and support this community, and I will always be your local Master Barber.
As a little thank you and as a small gift of my appreciation, I want to end this year out strong with a list of some of the best grooming tips, techniques, and ideas to make the rest of this year and beyond your very best. We all deserve it. I have seen how hard each of you has been working, and it’s time to allow yourself to say “YES!” to self-care and to taking your grooming and shaving needs to the next level! If you have any questions about any of my services, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Spend time giving yourself an excellent gift this year with a visit to my barber chair, or give the gift of The Groomsmith to your loved ones! I look forward to hearing from you all and seeing you all very soon! Without further ado, here is your end of 2020/beginning of 2021 grooming checklist!
  • My first, and probably my most favorite tip, is to become a regular at your barbers. If you don’t become a regular with me, I still recommend that you find a barber that you do become a regular with. Becoming a regular is a very special connection, sometimes your barber knows more about you than some of your friends or family members. This relationship is one that you can share with your family, and pass along to your children or other friends and family members. Becoming a regular gives you a safe haven to come in and find a break from the outside world, gives you a moment to focus on what you need, and a moment to pause. In a world where it is so easy to just run into a corporate barbershop for a cheap ten minute, twenty-dollar hair cut that is functional but not what you want, barbers need to be cherished. A barber’s craft and knowledge about how to care for your hair and skin are impeccable because they’ve been honing their craft for so long. The longer you can stay with your barber and become a regular, the more they will understand your style, your needs, and they could even spot a few warning signs before you even know they exist like cancer, balding, and alopecia. Becoming a regular will help you remain looking and feeling your best!
  • Please stay hydrated, eat well, and get plenty of rest. It might surprise you how beneficial all of these important facts are for your hair, beard, skin, and grooming habits. Your hair, beard, and skin will all look healthier, and cutting down on stress (thanks to plenty of sleep)in your life can help lead to limiting or even putting a pause on hair loss.
  • Please remember that depending on your type and texture of hair, you don’t need to wash it every day. The key is to condition your hair more and shampoo your hair less. If you’re having issues with an oily or greasy scalp, shampooing more will just make it worse. Rinsing your hair with water and conditioning it every day will help keep up with its luster, its health, promote a non-oily scalp, and will help with the overall management and styling of your hair.
  • I am such a huge supporter of healthy skin. Keeping your facial hair groomed and clean is nothing without healthy skin. Please do yourself a favor and wear sunscreen every day. A light sunscreen can help anyone keep their skin protected from all the elements, and it can drastically cut down on sun damage and the chances of developing skin cancer.
  • While it might not be something that I personally offer, please spend time taking care of your nails. You can get them professionally cleaned and cared for, but at home attentive care is also a perfectly good option. This will help prevent painful ingrown nails, hangnails, ripped cuticles, ripped nails, and prevent infection in both your fingernails and toenails. Don’t forget about caring for your feet. Keeping them clean and dry are the best ways to battle any infection, order, or pain. Make sure to clean around and under your nails, clip them straight across, and do not rip at the cuticles. Cut your nails at least once a week, and spend a moment cleaning them every day.
  • Products and knowing which products are best for you can be very overwhelming. There are so many out there, and each one offers a little something different from the rest. If you need help navigating which products are best to style and care for your hair and facial hair, I am here to help with that! Know what works best for you, and stick with those products. Know and understand what products are best for your skincare, too. Keeping up with a simple and easy skincare routine can help avoid acne, oily skin, discoloration, and ingrown hairs. It can also help make shaving a much more pleasant and easy experience.
  • Speaking of shaving, please change your razor cartridges and your razors at least every six months if not sooner. If your razors start to tug at your skin, you are not getting a save as close as you normally do, or you’re getting more irritation from shaving than you normally do, those are three signs that it’s time to get new blades or a new razor. This is also the perfect time of year to make sure that you’re shaving correctly for your texture and type of facial hair. I am more than happy to help you with this!
  • Please spend some quality time caring for your teeth! I’m not a dentist, but if you want the full package of being an expert on perfect hygiene, keeping your teeth clean is on the top of that list. Brush twice a day and don’t forget to use the floss! Also, if you have a disposable brush, please get a new one every three months. If you have an electric toothbrush, please change the head of your toothbrush just as often. Just like with your hair and skin products, make sure you’re using the proper products for your mouth and your needs.
  • Please don’t ignore your eyebrows! I am more than happy to help you trim and manage them, and to show you how to shape them and cut down on wild eyebrow hairs. I do offer eyebrow shaping for men and eyebrow arch work for women, and can help with the care of your eyebrows! Please remember to keep them clean as well, ingrown hairs can appear in your brows and they can be very painful and could become infected.
  • Don’t forget about caring for that unwanted hair in your ears and nostrils. Please get the proper equipment to care for and remove that hair, and make sure to keep both areas clean and dry as best you can to avoid infection, pimples, and ingrown hairs.
  • If you want more options from your barber, look around and ask for them. One of my specialties is offering the best and pain-free non-surgical hair replacement services that look just like your real hair. This can be the answer to many of your unwanted hair issues and frustrations, and I am here to help guide you through that decision.
Being well-groomed is a gift I can help you with, but it is a gift that will keep giving back to you throughout your whole life if you keep up with these tips, suggestions, and start to take time for yourself. Being well-groomed from head to toe helps with your self-confidence, helps you put your best foot forward in the world, and it will help you feel good! In a world where that can be challenged daily, rise to that challenge and chase it away. 2020, my friends, has given us a fight. Let’s fight back with a great plan for ourselves to make the best of whatever 2021 might bring. From my family to yours, I am thankful for each of you. I hope you have a very blessed holiday season, Christmas, and a fantastic new year! Until next year, I am Patrick the Groomsmith and I am here with the best barbershop in Summerville, the best nonsurgical hair restoration in Summerville, and more.