1. From The Chair to the Microphone

    Continued education for any job is so important. I love to teach and continue my education. One of the best new and easy ways to stay connected, learn, laugh, and enjoy what you love to do is plugging into your favorite podcast. Every industry boasts a few, so why not use a podcast to keep growing i…Read More

  2. The Realities of Female Pattern Baldness

    Hair loss is a sore and difficult subject and experience for anyone, but it can be handled and cared for in the skilled hands of a barber like myself!  We have talked about hair loss and alopecia before in past blogs, and how I can help you take care of it and deal with it on a day to day basis. Bu…Read More

  3. Why Beard Care is Important

    You need to respect all of your hair, from the top of your head to the tip of your chin. The beard has come back into fashion with surprising force, and it's time to bring attention to not only its look but its health. Good thing I am the pro that can help you with that! Ladies and gentlemen, Valent…Read More

  4. Skincare for Men

    Facials and skincare have the reputation to be for women only, but it might surprise you that men can receive just as many benefits if not more for regularly taking care of their skin. The ideal that facials are just for women is a thing of the past, so let's ring in 2020 with some very important re…Read More

  5. Barbers and Alopecia; How I’m Here to Help

    Alopecia can be a scary thing to face alone when you don't have someone to help you through the experience. I am here to help guide you through what is happening with your hair, and to help find the best solutions to make you feel good about yourself again!  Happy New Year! I hope you had a wonderf…Read More

  6. The Best Barbershop Etiquette

    2019 has been an incredibly exciting year for me and my shop. I have had so many amazing new clients walk in, and continued to work with my returning customers. It's been a blessed season, and I am thankful to start 2020 on a good foot. But I also wanted to offer you an amazing gift that you can als…Read More

  7. Hair Replacement Services for Everyone!

    The Groomsmith isn't a new Barbershop here in the Lowcountry, but the shop and my services might be new to you. There is one very special service in particular that I am very passionate about and cannot wait to tell you more about. Hello Everyone! Patrick The Groomsmith here, and welcome back to the…Read More

  8. The Master Barber Difference

    Do you know the difference between a barber and a master barber? It's important to know the difference when it's time for your next haircut. Take the time to know the difference and what options are available to you. It's time to take your self-care up a level, and a Master Barber can help you achie…Read More

  9. Why Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Is the Best Option

    Having a full head of great-looking hair styled by an excellent barber is the perfect way to keep looking young and build self-confidence. When the natural effects of age or genetics begin to thin out the hair and reveal more bare scalp, it can leave many in search of solutions. These solutions have…Read More

  10. Why a Full Head of Hair = A More Confident You

    Due to the effects of genetics, certain medical conditions, or other external factors, it can be quite common for men to experience hair loss. When your hair starts receding, revealing a bald spot that is more noticeable over time, it can start to take a toll on your self-confidence pretty quickly. …Read More