1. Coming Soon! A New Location, and More!

    This year has been way more than my family and I ever expected. Even with all the challenges, we are facing, I haven't let that stop some very exciting progress and news for the shop!  This is a very different April than many of us were expecting. Especially small business owners. But, just like ou…Read More

  2. The Connection Between Stress and Hair Loss

    Losing their hair is one of my client's biggest fears, but is it something they are causing to happen and can reverse if they put their mind to it? If there has ever been a time in the world that we are all collectively stressed, we know that time is now. But from the comfort of our own homes, stayi…Read More

  3. The Barbershop Pole

    The history of a Barbershop is an interesting one. It goes farther back than many people might imagine, and has had an interesting story to tell. One of the most unique stories of its history is the creation of the Barbershop Pole and what significance its shape, color, and movement means. Do you ha…Read More

  4. From The Chair to the Microphone

    Continued education for any job is so important. I love to teach and continue my education. One of the best new and easy ways to stay connected, learn, laugh, and enjoy what you love to do is plugging into your favorite podcast. Every industry boasts a few, so why not use a podcast to keep growing i…Read More

  5. The Realities of Female Pattern Baldness

    Hair loss is a sore and difficult subject and experience for anyone, but it can be handled and cared for in the skilled hands of a barber like myself!  We have talked about hair loss and alopecia before in past blogs, and how I can help you take care of it and deal with it on a day to day basis. Bu…Read More