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Hair Restoration

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Our Renew Hair Care System is a premium non-surgical hair replacement option for those suffering from considerable hair loss who are wanting to look younger and feel more confident.

Now you can get that full head of hair back with no pain, and at a fraction of the cost of surgical options.

“Hairpieces” of the past have been made of crude, heavy materials which caused them to look unrealistic and unattractive. Renew, however, is constructed of advanced, high-definition materials to be lighter, more durable and realistic, and longer-lasting than other products. A Renew hairpiece is nearly undetectable—even with close inspection.

The hair in Renew hairpieces looks like real hair because it is real hair. Renew is made from 100% organic, human hair sourced from India. Each client’s hair is matched precisely in color, texture and density.

Great attention has been paid to the follicles of the front hairline because it is here that the appearance of “real hair” fails or succeeds. The hair used in the front is finer, just like a real hairline. When affixed to your scalp with our uniquely-blended bonding adhesive, the result is a natural, invisible front hairline.

Take a look at just a few of the amazing transformations Patrick The Groomsmith has delivered with the Renew Hair Care system. Complete the form below to schedule your free consultation.

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